We regret that we no longer allow the hall to be hired for parties past 9pm or for longer than 3 hours or due to the high risk of damage. 

To book, FIRST please check the Calendar for available timeslot(s):

Please do not try to book slots that are already booked out. 
People are doing this far too often. It means one of our volunteers has to construct an email explaining the hall is unavailable, wasting our time and yours.  

All bookings are subject to availability.

There are two separate types of bookings:  

You will be contacted by email within one week, but usually within a few days, to confirm or reject your booking request.
If you do not have email, write "None" in the form and you will be contacted by telephone.

Your booking date and time will not be secured until your payment has been made.  You will then be given instructions on how to access the hall.